About Us

Jim and I met when he was serving as a Marine Security Guard at the American Embassy in Paris, France. As we got to know each other, we discovered that we shared many interests – specifically a life long love of animals.  Even prior to our wedding in 1983, we extended our family by adding our first dog – an amazing Briard named Thumper.

Thumper’s warm heart made her a favorite of Marines and Parisians alike as she grew up in the Marine House in Paris.   Unfortunately there inevitably comes a time when the military needs you elsewhere, and it’s time for a new location.  I moved back to the United States and lived with my parents while Jim continued serving overseas. Fortunately, Thumper was welcomed at my parents home and was able to experience her first taste of the United States. Thumper was very lucky since not every military family has been able to take their pets with them as they move and accept new assignments around the world;  we noticed that some families had to put their pets up for adoption or take them to an animal shelter where they could potentially be euthanized if a new home was not found, which saddened Jim and I both.

After Jim retired from active duty we decided to share our love of animals beyond just our own family; our solution was Paws ‘N Play, a doggie daycare which allows us to extend our canine adoration to our family, friends, and community. Since 2009, we have had the pleasure of opening our home and hearts for daycare and boarding services.

As the days went on we kept thinking back to Thumper and realized that we could do more for military families, and came up with the idea for the Canine Corps Dog Sanctuary (CCDS). The CCDS is a non-profit that is focused on the goal of keeping the pets of military members who aren’t able to take pets to their next assignment while they are serving around the world. This gives the servicemen and women peace of mind knowing that their pets are well taken care of and are waiting with a wagging tail for their owners safe return home.

Funds will be set aside from Paws ‘N Play to support our efforts caring for these family members of the Canine Corps Dog Sanctuary.  We are proud of the small contribution that these efforts are making in supporting our military members and their families.