Grooming Services

Glory-Ann Pigarut is a seasoned groomer of about 30 years. She graduated from the Maryland School of Dog Grooming of Silver Spring, Md. in 1993. There she experienced many breed specific breed patterns.  The owner was involved with showing dogs and showed Bouvier de Flanders as well as Bedlington and Lakeland Terriers.  Glory-Ann has also shown and groomed many different breeds to include Miniature Pinschers, Japanese Chins, and German Pinschers.

She co-founded non-profit rescue in 1997, and prepared the rescue dogs for their new homes. Glory-Ann has been working the in Southern Maryland region since school. Her specialty is hand scissoring. She is very well-known in the “World of Dogs” and we are so very lucky to have her with us.

Glory-Ann’s concern for the health and longevity that each owner deserves for their pets shows in her cheerful demeanor and the loving response that your four legged kids will exhibit before and after their grooming experience.

In our grooming facility we use only natural pet care products. After all, our trained professionals use the products on a daily basis and the use of harmful chemicals over time can dry out skin and cause irritation.  All of our products are highly concentrated pesticide alternative shampoos that do not contain soap or detergent. No chemical dips are available.

Basic Grooming:

  • Quality Bath w/conditioner
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear hair removal
  • Anal gland expression
  • Hair Cut

All grooming needs will be thoroughly discussed and evaluated before starting the process.  Proof of up to date vaccinations is required.

For your next grooming appointment please give us a call or contact us at

All grooming is by appointment only